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Out system can serve many functions – the Trime construction can be adapted to round pens, light patio canopies, courtyards, scenes?? and other spaces. We will be happy to help you realize your project, whatever it may be.

TRIME event tents can be used in various contexts and we can also domes specifically tailored to your needs

Tents for sale

TRIME party tents are the only portable constructions in the world based on tensegrity technology. The geometrical harmony and elegance of the system, which has hitherto been only found in the construction of innovative bridges or in bold roofing projects in sports halls, today can attract eyes of your guests. We sell strong, four season event tents.

It is possible to paint the tent in any colour from the RAL palette.

Tents in various sizes – sales offer


TRIME 200 is a party tent for large events. Company employees, wedding guests or conference members will fit perfectly in the tent and participants will remember the openwork structure of a large dome for a long time. The skylight at the top of the roof introduces a lot of light into the interior.

The set includes ten transparent walls, eights full walls, one curtain-type entrance and one technical entrance.

  • Standing240
  • At the tables200
  • Standing buffet215
  • Wedding130
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The TRIME 160 roof dome creates an amazing space inside the tent. The elegant and original structure of the construction from a distance attracts the view of the participants during major events. Perfect for weddings, corporate events, festivals, concerts and other outdoor events. A beautiful wooden floor invites you to dance. The party tent with unique geometry is illuminated by garlands with retro bulbs.

The set includes nine transparent walls, seven full walls, one curtain-type entrance and one technical door.

  • Standing200
  • At the tables160
  • Standing buffet175
  • Wedding100
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Our TRIME 125 is a banquet tent, which no hotel would be ashamed of. It is elegant and spacious. Especially noteworthy when arranging the space are structural elements of the roof, which can be used for attaching lighting, sound systems or various decorations.

The set includes eight transparent walls, six full walls, one curtain entrance and one technical door.

  • Standing145
  • At the tables125
  • Standing buffet130
  • Wedding70
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Our tent TRIME 100 is designed to serve as an additional wedding room or enlarged restaurant space. A steel roof construction with industrial design, lit by bulbous garland, spacious transparent walls, an elegant skylight at the top of the dome - all this creates an unforgettable view.

The set includes seven transparent walls, five full walls, a curtain-type entrance and a technical door.

  • Standing130
  • At the tables105
  • Standing buffet110
  • Wedding60

TRIME 70 is a perfect party tent for medium-sized outdoor events. A beautiful wooden floor is more than just a means of improving interior acoustics. The natural parquet warms up the space and invites guests to dance. The skylight located at the top of the dome constitutes an additional advantage. TRIME 70, like any of our tents, is durable and elegant at the same time.

We equipped the tent with six transparent walls, one curtain-type entrance and four full walls, which may be assembled in any desired configuration. A technical entrance and specially adapted lighting are also available.

  • Standing90
  • At the tables70
  • Standing buffet80
  • Wedding40
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TRIME 50 is ideally suited for larger garden events such as First Communions or birthdays. This tent, built on a 10-angle plan, creates a cosy but comfortable space and blends perfectly into your garden or courtyard.

The tent is equipped with five transparent walls, one curtain-type entrance, three full walls and one technical entrance.

  • Standing70
  • At the tables50
  • Standing buffet60
  • In rows25
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Our small party tent TRIME 30 can be placed virtually anywhere. It will fit most gardens, squares or courtyards. It is ideal for First Communions and garden parties just as much as for festivals and concerts, and it will also serve perfectly as a relaxation zone or a service point.

The tent is equipped with four transparent walls, one curtain-type entrance and three full walls. Their arrangement can be customized to answer specific needs of your event.

  • Standing45
  • At the tables30
  • Standing buffet35
  • In rows40
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We love our party tents and we know everything about them! We are at your disposal. Drop us an email or give us a call and we will answer all your queries. Each offer is tailor-made to match the needs and possibilities of our clients.

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