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Round/spherical TRIME party tents

Anyone who organizes a large outdoor event sooner or later will have to face the challenge of finding the right party tent. That is why, before starting the design of our party tent, we asked ourselves how we could meet the needs of our future customers. Our project is the result of months of hard work and consultations with clients. And so here we have pleasure to present you the final outcome of all this hard work – our party tent, which combines the highest quality of workmanship with exceptional elegance.

Our choice of the tensegrity technology

Constructions based on the tensegrity technology fuse the beauty of science with the beauty of shape. The main goal of the constructor is to eliminate rigid bending elements by fitting bending elements within rigid components. As a result, the object is much lighter and significantly less stiff. This technology is used, for example, in modern bridge construction or in structures designed by NASA. No wonder it was chosen by us as well!

Our roofing, your security

As outdoor events take place in various settings, we put special emphasis on constructing a roof that will withstand all weather conditions. Although hardly anyone dreams of a storm or a sudden snowfall during such an event, it is certainly good to know that every TRIME party tent guarantees dry and safe shelter in all weather conditions of our climate.

A floor that invites you to dance

All floors of our TRIME party tents have been made of varnished pine decks. Thanks to these elegant floors, panoramic windows and light roof construction, we have received a completely unique interior. You feel as if you were in a Versailles banquet room. Don’t think twice and take advantage of TRIME's party tent rental offers


On your special day everything has to be exceptional, and we make sure this is the case. The tensegrity design allows unconventional arrangement of the interior. In our event tent you can easily hang up lamps, spotlights and sound system. You can arrange tables, the DJ stand and all equipment as you like. There are no limits to your creativity. Comfortably suspended sound system, lighting, decorations, elegant floor - we have prepared everything.


The roof dome of our TRIME 160 creates an amazing space inside the tent. The elegant and original structure of the construction attracts notice and admiration even from a distance. Perfect for weddings, corporate events, festivals, concerts and other outdoor events. A beautiful wooden floor invites you to dance. This party tent with its unique geometry is illuminated by garlands with retro bulbs.

It consists of eight transparent walls, one curtain-type entrance and nine full walls, which we assemble just as you like it.

  • Standing200
  • At the tables160
  • Standing buffet175
  • Weeding100

TRIME 70 is a perfect party tent for medium-sized outdoor events. A beautiful wooden floor is more than just a means of improving interior acoustics. The natural parquet warms up the space and invites guests to dance. The skylight located at the top of the dome constitutes an additional advantage.

TRIME 70, like any of our tents, is durable and elegant at the same time.

We equipped the tent with six transparent walls, one curtain-type entrance and five full walls, which may be assembled in any desired configuration. A technical entrance and specially adapted lighting are also available.

  • Standing90
  • At the tables70
  • Standing buffet80
  • Weeding40

The undeniable advantage of our small party tent TRIME 25 is that it can be placed almost anywhere. It will fit most gardens, squares or courtyards. It is ideal for First Communions and garden parties just as much as for festivals and concerts, and it will also serve perfectly as a relaxation zone or a service point.

The tent is equipped with three transparent walls, one curtain-type entrance and five full walls. Their arrangement can be customized to answer specific needs of your event.

  • Standing40
  • At the tables28
  • Standing buffet25
  • In rows30


We love our party tents and we know everything about them! We are at your disposal. Drop us an email or give us a call and we will answer all your queries. Each offer is tailor-made to match the needs and possibilities of our clients.

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